28 Jun

AOL mail Not receiving Emails on Iphone

Aol mail is unable to receive emails issue occurs due to the multiple reasons like- filter issue, forwarding issue or server issue etc.

Everyday, there are thousands of aol mail users are complaining for the similar issue. Some of them are getting this error message on their phone, while others are getting on the computer or other gadgets.

So today, in this article, I am going to teach you about how can you fix the unable to receive emails on aol account issue.  So read this article carefully and follow the instructions about how can you fix the issue.

Check Filter settings- 

Let’s begin with checking the email filter settings. So you need to go to the aol mail settings.

Here, you need to delete all email filters and then try to load the emails again. Let’s see if it allowing you to load the emails or not.

Check Block Settings- 

After checking the email filter settings, you should check the block list. Make sure you have not blocked the email sender.

If you have blocked them, your email will be directly landing to the trash or spam folder.

So you need to delete the block list from the aol account and then try to send a test mail to yourself by another account.

Check server settings-

If you can receive the emails on webmail but not receiving them in the mobile phone.

It could be due to the invalid server settings for the account. You must have entered the wrong server details into your phone. That’s why your mail application is unable to sync with the aol mail server.

So verify the incoming and outgoing server details properly and then reconfigure your account using that details. Your email account will start working fine.

Incoming server details-

Address- imap.aol.com

Port no= 993

SSL – yes.

Outgoing server details.

Address - Smtp.aol.com

Port no- 465

SSL – both


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