13 Oct

GMail missing emails 2020

When gmail came in the market, yahoo mail and hotmail were already dominating the market, so it was impossible for any other email company to reach on the top in the short duration.

But Gmail played smartly, they paid their attention in giving to 24 hours uptime service along with the great features. Also, they had started offering the cloud storage. Due to which, people has started moving towards the Gmail side. After a few years of wait, Gmail became of the most popular email service provider for personal and professional use.

Till now, Gmail users rarely complain about issues related to the server side. But sometimes, users may encounter some issues on their gmail account due to some basic reasons.

Missing emails on the account is one of them, whenever users are logging into their gmail account, they are getting a completely blank mail folder. Some people think that this issue is coming from the Gmail server side. While it’s cannot be true, sometimes, users are dealing with the missing mails issue due to the browser or account settings issue.

Easy techniques to fix the gmail account problem- 

Check mail folders- let’s start with checking the mail folders, you might have kept those emails at other places. That’s why emails are not available in the inbox.

If you find those emails on other folders, you can easily restore them into the inbox.

Check filters, forwarding settings- whenever emails are not appearing the inbox, you should check the mail filters first, the chances are you have made a rule to send specific emails on the other destination, that’s why your gmail account doesn’t have any emails on the inbox folder.

You can easily delete the mail filters from the gmail settings, after that you should go to the forwarding settings and delete the forwarding settings as well. if available.

Browser issues- apart from the gmail settings, sometimes, you may deal with the missing emails issue due to the browser issue. to fix such problems, you should clean the browser first, if it doesn’t load the mailbox, you should factory reset the browser.

During this process, do not forget to upgrade the browser, and if possible, you should uninstall the browser and reinstall the new setup.

Anonymous person has done this- 

If you haven’t deleted any emails from the gmail account but still some emails are missing from the gmail account, you should review the recent activity, do you see any anonymous activity on your account? if yes! It means, someone has deleted your emails, they could be either your family member or other persons.

In such case, you should make your google account secure, and then contact to the gmail team for help.

Port issue- If gmails are missing from the phones, you should check the mail settings, probably,  there is something wrong with port or server info. So you should delete the account and configure it with the correct account information.

So these are the general tricks to recover the deleted emails on the gmail, if you are still struggling with the gmail problems, you can visit askprob for help.

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