28 Oct

Whenever anyone thinks about buying a reliable laptop, that should look stylish and work perfectly without causing silly errors. Lenovo brands will always be in their mind. That’s all because Lenovo has mastered itself in manufacturing the best laptop in a reasonable price.

Users, who are using the Lenovo laptop, they will rarely think to switch their laptop. Although Lenovo laptop is quite good to use, but sometimes, users might deal with minor issues on their laptop no charging issue is one of them.

There are so many users in the market, who might face the laptop laptop not charging issue due to some technical faults. If you are currently dealing with the Lenovo laptop problems, here are the solution to fix such errors.

Check the charging adapter- If your laptop is not charging the battery, you should check the power adapters first, probably, the power adapter is not properly connected, that’s why it can’t charge the battery. If you have another charger with you, you may replace the charging cable and then check if it is charging now or not?

Check the battery- let’s ensure that your battery is properly plugged in, you may disconnect the battery from your computer and install a new battery. Also, if the battery is damaged, you may have such problems, so you should change the battery and then see if it is charging now or not?

DC connector is not working- this is the most common issue on the Lenovo z50 laptop, there connector get damaged very often, so you should check, if there is any wire burned, you need to stick it again with the help of soldering. And then reconnect the charging adapter, let’s see if it is charging now or not?

BIOS settings issue- apart from the hardware, there is might be issues related to the bios settings, so you should check the bios settings. Generally, you may made some changes into the power settings, that’s why laptop is not charging. You may reset the bios settings, and then your laptop will start working fine.

After making these changes, your machine should work fine, if your laptop isn’t working fine yet. you may let us know or visit askprob for more help .

Lenovo laptop not charging when plugged in

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