28 Sep

Epson is a Japanese electronics brand established in 1942, which is most popular for manufacturing the printer. they are manufacturing the printers of almost ever size. You can use them in the home or office use, talking about the quality, Epson printers are really good for professional use. They provide hd quality printing in the affordable price.

Apart from this, Epson printers are completely equipped with the good features like- wifi , smart printing etc. though Epson printers are great option for home use but sometimes, you might struggle with little problem related to the printer or network technology.

Epson printer Wi-Fi problem is one of them, sometimes, people are unable to connect their printer to the wifi and they get some kind of error message on the screen, when your epson printer won’t connect to the wifi, you may follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you should check the wifi information, probably, you are entering the invalid username or password for your wifi, that’s why your printer can’t connect to the wireless network.
  • Let’s power off the printer and wifi equipments for a while, and then restart the device again. let’s see, if it is connecting to the network now or not?
  • Sometimes, you can get engaged with the wifi problem due to the old wifi profile, so you should delete the old profiles by resetting the network, and then rejoin the network using your password.
  • If your printer can’t join the network yet. you should use the wps process to connect it through the wifi, in this process, you have to press the wps button on the printer and router. Than your printer will automatically get connected with the wifi.
  • Sometimes, you may get the Epson printer wifi issue due to the router settings, so you should change the wifi name, channel and encryption type on your router. Now try to join the network again.
  • Disable the 5 ghz network on your wifi router and then try to reconnect your device to the wifi. Let’s see if it letting you connect to the wifi now or not?
  • After using these techniques if your printer doesn’t allow you to join the wifi network, you can reset the printer.
  • Never forget to update your printer? most of the time, wifi stop functioning due to the firmware issue. you should update them and then retry to join the network.

After using this guide, if your printer is still unable to join the wifi network, than you have to replace the wifi card on your printer. which can be little tricky to do it by yourself.

So I will suggest you to go to the Epson store and ask them to replace it, they will replace the card for your and then your printer will start working fine.

While, you changing your card, let’s try to get wireless N technology card, do not go for the G or any other type or card. They might create a difficulty again.

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