10 Sep

The aol mail account is one of the most popular email account in the world. People often use it for the personal use. The AOL Mail servers are always up so you will not have any difficulty while trying to access it. meanwhile, If you are setting it up on the outlook application. In that a case, you have to make a few changes into the account settings on the outlook application. After that the email will start working fine. 

How to fix aol mail not working on the iphone problem?


  1. First of all, you see the aol mail authentication failed error on outlook application. you should check the user password. most probably, the password is incorrect. due to which, outlook is unable to sync to the mail server. 
  2. Please go to the outlook mail settings and update the imap server settings. mostly the imap server settings are incorrect that's why outlook can't sync to the aol mail. 
  3. If aol mail not receiving emails on outloook application. please remove the current account from the computer and then reconfigure it. 
  4. Please check the Security, Proxy and dns settings on the computer. 
  5. Delete the current outlook profile from the application and then create a new profile. now configure your account on this application. it should be working fine. 

So these are the steps to fix the aol mail problems. in case, if you are dealing with any other issues. please visit down reporter for more assistance. 

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