11 Feb

When you are unable to print the documents from the epson printer because of the 41, you should focus on the error message. that has been shown on the printer panel along with the error code. Generally, The Epson printer will see you two kind of messages. 1. Printer is not activated. 2. Cartridge is not detected. If you are getting any one of these error messages on the epson machine. here are the guide to fix such problems on your device. you can apply it on your device.

How to fix epson printer error code 41?  

  • When printer is showing the cartridge not detected error on the epson printer, You should check the ink cartridge on the printer. make sure that the printer cartridge is working perfectly fine on your device.
  • Let’s go to the printer settings and power off the printer once. Now reboot the printer again.
  • Let’s make sure that the printer using the original ink cartridge. If it is working with the local cartridge. You need to uninstall that from your printer and then install the original one.
  • Some users are unable to access the epson printer because of the driver issues. so you need to uninstall the driver from the computer and then install a new driver on your computer. right after that your device will start working fine.
  • Sometimes, epson printer error 000041 appears because of the driver problems. so you need to remove the current driver from the computer. now reboot the computer once and then install a new driver on the computer.
  • Also, check that the printer is using the latest version of firmware. if it running on the old firmware. you need to update that, so your device will start working fine.

These are the steps to fix the epson printer error 000041 on the computer or network. if you are still dealing with the printer problems. you need to visit askrpob blogs for more help.

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