26 Dec

Gmail is one of the most popular email service over world wide. there are millions of customers, who are using gmail services. they might have some issues with the gmail account. for that, you need to contact google service and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

gmail is completely free with 15 GB free storage. if you want more than this storage type. you need to follow the steps available below.

Whenever you are unable to accept new emails on your google account. it may be due to the several reasons like-

Email filters and settings problem.
Browser issues.
Check the application related configuration.

For troubleshooting the google account, you need to follow the steps available below.

1. Check the email filters, ensure that your email account is working completely fine. there is no filter blocking the connections.

2. Check the email forwarding settings, may be you have enabled the forwarding settings on your browser. that's why your emails are going to other address.

3. You should also check the email settings, most probably, you are going to have blocked the senders address or such type of emails. that's why you are unable to receive the emails on your account.

4. if gmail isn't receiving emails account using the phone. you should check the account settings, most probably, you have entered the wrong user details for your gmail account. that's why you are unable to receive the new emails on your gmail account. so disable the account settings.

Once you will use these instructions, your gmail account will start receiving the emails on your google account. in case, if you are facing any other kind of problem with your gmail account. visit askprob community to get your problem resolved.

Thank you for reading this blog about google mail. i hope you will like it.
gmail isn't receiving emails

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