16 Jun

Brother printers are generally built with the good quality hardware. When you setup a printer in your office environment. It will work fine in after the setup. Sometimes, the brother machine may have the troubles related to the network connectivity. Such problems generally occurs because of invalid network settings. To fix such problems, first of all, you should check the network settings. however, if your brother printer is unable to join the network, you should go ahead and reset the network settings. 

What happens when you reset the network settings?  

When you reset the network settings. the printer will erase all kind of settings related to the network. If you had setup the wireless name for automatic connectivity. it will be deleted from your account. 

How do reset the network settings?

If you want to reset the network settings but don’t know how to do it. do not worry, here are the guide to do that. you may apply it on your device. it will start working fine then. 

  • Let’s power on the brother printer.
  • Click on the home button and go to the network.
  • Move down and click on the reset network option.
  • Finally, press the ok button to begin the restore process.

 If you are unable to reset the network through wlan setup. Here are the another way to do it. 

  • Let’s go to the settings on the brother printer.
  • Click on the initial setup button.
  • Now click on the reset option
  • Select the network option.
  • Finally, click on the yes button to begin the restore process.

So these are the steps to factory restore the network settings. in case, if your brother printer won’t connect to wifi 2021. You should check the network credentials or visit askprob blogs for more details.

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