20 Apr

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When you play some music or video on your Lenovo laptop but don’t get any kind of audio through it. It shows the issues related to the audio driver or settings issue. But fixing this kind of errors is very easy. You can easily troubleshoot them by using the steps given below.

  • If you can’t hear any kind of audio from your laptop, you should check the mute function; chances are you have muted the sound. If so, you should unmute the sound, and then play something on your laptop again.
  • Let’s check the volume on your laptop, may be you have decreased the volume. That’s why you can’t hear anything from your laptop.
  • Check the speaker wiring, ensure that your speakers are properly plugged in with the Lenovo laptop. For assurity, you can disconnect your speaker and reconnect them.
  • Let’s check the sound settings on your laptop, so many time, you may have the sound problem due to the invalid settings. so you should check them, and configure your laptop with the correct settings.
  • Update the sound driver on your laptop pc, because an outdated driver may not respond properly. Due to which, you may have the sound issue on your laptop. So you should check for the update and update it if required.
  • If you still couldn’t get the sound, you should uninstall the audio driver and download a new driver. Now install it back. It will start working fine.

So these are the steps to fix the No sound problem on lenovo laptop. If you have any other issues with your lenovo laptop, you can visit the askprob blogs or visit lenovo laptop sound not working problem . it will help you in fixing the problem.

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lenovo laptop sound not working

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