17 Sep

Fix brother printer won't scan issue

Brother printer is one of the most famous lightweight printers. It is widely used for office and home use. There are so many brother printer users who are facing trouble related to the printer. 

If you cannot scan your documents through your brother printers, you might have little trouble. But the good part is: you can go ahead and use this guide to troubleshoot the brother printer problems. 

  • First of all, you should power off the printer and computer for a minute and restart them. Once you see the green power light on your printer, you can press the scan button. 
  • Please disconnect your printer and computer from the wifi. and reconnect them, now try to reaccess the network. Let's see what does it says to you now. 
  • If you can still scan the document from your brother printer, you should go forward to the control panel and remove the printer from there, now install a new driver. Let's see if it is currently working or not? 
  • Sometimes, you may be unable to print or scan the documents because of the driver issue. So you should terminate the current printer driver and install a new driver. Your printer will start working fine. 
  • Sometimes, you can have the brother printer not scanning issues due to the firewall or security issue. In this case, you should disable the firewall for a while then try to check something. If it is still not working, you should disable the antivirus and try to load the program. 

After applying these techniques, your printer will start scanning the documents. however, if you are still dealing with the brother printer problems, you can go to the askprob and read the brother printer troubleshooting articles. There you will get all kind of information related to printers and computers. 

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